Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Writing with Mild ADD

Unicorn in a Magic Forest
ID 54489939@Melkor3d/http://Dreamstime.co
Been looking for illustrations today. Taking care of blog and googling research. Taking care of twitter account. In short, I have been doing everything but writing my fiction.

Part of it is because I had a friend spend the night. The friend is still here and it would be rude not to talk, but that keeps me from writing the way I should. Or, well...any excuse will do.

I am simultaneously working on two novels and a short story. The short story will probably not be good to publish online with my other works, because it's "literary" rather than speculative. It might also offend part of my audience since it takes a rather satirical jab at popular CBA fiction as well as the very silly mindsets of some though not all Christians. "Amish Bonnets" is the working title.

While I'm trying to write this blog post--a very easy task compared with working on a novel--my friend keeps getting into phone conversations with people who frustrate her. Then she raises her voice and my concentration, meager though it is, shatters.

In order to write properly I need mornings to myself. I don't even try to write Sunday mornings--one because I believe Sunday or Saturday make good days to rest from the week's work. Two because my parents take me to church in a carpool to save gas. Since Dad is the minister he has to get there almost an hour early and the little building is out in the country. So Sunday is a lost day.

Getting plenty of sleep also seems to help. Adequate though not too much exercise of the aerobic variety is good. Good nutrition with enough iron and vitamins B and C stimulates my creativity. Caffeine in addition to water also helps. 3 cups coffee to 6 cups pure water works best for me.

What do you do when your brain is running everywhere like an out-of-control unicorn?